Risk Profiling Wizard

1. Which of these investments would you feel more comfortable owning?
2. Is your future financial goal
3. What is your primary financial goal ?
(Life insurance can be taken in the form of term insurance, ULIP, Endowment or money back policies)
4. Which of the following investment returns would most appeal to you if you were to invest an initial amount of Rs 20,000 for one year?
5. Please select the statement most applicable to you:
6. Please select the statement most applicable to you:
(Child education, marriage, retirement, house purchase are all examples of financial goals. Have you identified how much money you would require for each of these goals to be met and how much time is left to achieve them)
7. I am prepared to accept short-term losses if I believe the long-term returns will be good.
(Various asset classes include Equity, Fixed income, Real estate, Gold, other commodities)
8. I would quit my job and start my own business if the right opportunity arose.
(Periodic review means checking fund performance, realigment to macro economic changes etc.)
9. I expect my investment earnings to increase in line with inflation over the next 5 years.
(The calculation should involve the effect of inflation on all expenses for you and your dependents)
10. I have sufficient funds set aside to cover most emergencies.

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